VoIP Phone Systems

VoiP Phone Services, Telephony

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Systems are becoming the new normal for businesses. Techlocity can help you deploy your phone system, saving you money and hassle over the long run.

What can a VoIP system do for you?

VoIP systems operate through your Internet connection; this removes many fees associated with a typical phone system like long distance calls. VoIP rates are set up as a monthly cost per phone line and a service level fee to manage the phone server–nothing more. In result, your company saves money, increases mobility and gains phone call clarity–all in one simple, easy-to-use phone system. Whether you are a small business or large corporation, the switch to VoIP just makes sense.


Scope of Work

Client Discovery Meeting: Techlocity always conducts a meeting prior to phone installation to verify the Internet connection as well as all network equipment, including servers, switches and paging systems.

Wiring: If necessary, Techlocity can provide cable drops for IP phones to provide adequate connectivity to the network.

Hardware & Software Installation: Techlocity can procure and install all necessary hardware, licensing and software for the VoIP system. This includes all IP configuration, assembly of network switches, phones and phone servers.

Call Routing & Network Diagramming: We work with you to properly diagram your call tree and network; this includes creating ring groups and auto attendants, configuring phone lines, and setup of system schedules, voicemail and conference calls. We also provide onsite training for your team members to learn the system and portal.

Phone Deployment and Network Cut-over: Techlocity ports your existing numbers to the VoIP equipment, tests the inbound and outbound calling, call routing as well as 911 access. We always schedule an engineer the day following the system deployment to be on-hand for support and immediate assistance.

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Tips for a Successful VoIP Phone Deployment

Implementing Fast Internet

A high speed connection is essential in deploying a VoIP phone system; since the phone service quality is completely dependent on your Internet speed, Techlocity always verifies that your bandwidth will be adequate for a VoIP system.

Establishing a Quality Network

An adequate switch for VoIP provides smooth connections and allows for higher concurrent users. Making sure your current switch is a managed Power-Over-Ethernet switch can allow you to skip the power adapters for your phones, allowing power to flow freely through the network cables.

Avoiding Outages

A great way to insure audio quality and lack of interruptions is making sure your electricity is steady. Having a UPS battery onsite makes VoIP deployment easy and interruption-free.

Developing a Call Tree

Techlocity can assist you in setting up a call routing diagram with ring groups, auto attendants and phone lines tailored to your business’s needs.