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Our advanced scope of IT infrastructure solutions means that your business will be secure, efficient and streamlined. From server deployments to network set-ups, we offer top IT solutions from expert engineers; in result, your business operations will be set up for success. In addition, a Managed Services Plan with Techlocity will further guarantee proper maintenance, tracking and 24×7 monitoring of your important resources.

Techlocity's Infrastructure Services

· Server Consulting and Deployment
· Network
· Security
· Storage and Backup

Server Consulting and Deployment

Techlocity is committed to providing the best server solutions for your business needs. Whether you are looking to virtualize, deploy new servers or upgrade an existing one, we work with you to determine the correct solution for your company.


Scope of Work

· Product Recommendation & Procurement

· Server Virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V® & VMware®)

· Microsoft® Server Software Implementation, including SBS, SQL Database, Exchange, Remote Desktop Services & SharePoint (Volume Licensing available)


We offer expertise in the latest and most comprehensive network technologies. Our industry veterans work with you to identify the perfect solution for your business. By understanding your goals, Techlocity can employ the best options for your networking needs. You can rest assured that the system we implement or upgrade will improve your business. In addition, with a Managed Services plan by Techlocity, network issues will be troubleshot by our 24×7 Help Desk support.



Scope of Work

· Switch, Access Point and Router Implementation

· Local Area Network and Wide Area Network Technologies

· Remote Access and VPN

· Wire Management and Patch Panel Termination

· Cat5e and Cat6 Data Network Wiring and Cabling

· Wireless Consultation and Installation

· Network Operation Center (NOC) Monitoring and Support


More than ever, a company’s overall security is of the utmost importance; Techlocity understands that comprehensive and continual protection is integral to both your daily business operations and the well-being of your clients. We offer the spectrum of security solutions, including onsite firewall and network security appliance deployments to ongoing cloud-based Anti-virus and Spam Protection (learn more about our Cloud Services here). We offer solutions that are both tailored to the scope of your network as well as your budget.


Scope of Work

· Firewall and network security appliances

· Anti-virus, Spyware and Spam Protection

· Data Protection

· Virus Removal


We offer solutions from Cisco, SonicWALL, Dell, Symantec and more.

Storage and Backup

Preparing for the unexpected is a necessity in today’s business world. Techlocity can help you reduce downtime, increase data storage and implement disaster recovery solutions for life’s surprises.


Scope of Work

· Data Storage

· Disaster Recovery Solutions & Plans

· Onsite and Cloud Backup (SaaS)

· Backup Server and Software Deployment


Read more about our Cloud Backup Solutions here.

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